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Saturday the 19th of May 2018 starts the ninth edition of the International Youth Tournament, also called the Pentecost Tournament.  Also this year a group of volunteers from Sportclub Eefde knows how to set up a beautiful tournament again, in which the participants literally come from far away.

Our guests for this year are:
ASBH (France), Copthorne Youth (England), SC Arminia Ochtrop (Germany), SpVgg
Langehorst-Welbergen (Germany), SSS’18 Overloon (NL), SV Deurne (NL), VELO
(NL), VV Gorssel (NL) , Concordia Wehl (NL) and Sp Eefde (NL).

Also this year most guests stay in the tents on our field, but for the guests who prefer
to stay in a house, fortunately a number of host families have signed up, thank you
for your hospitality!

The tournament starts at 9.45 am, with all associations making their turnout, accompanied by our youngest youth members. I personally always find this a beautiful moment!
Afterwards, the national anthems will be sung under the guidance of music association Concordia. After the national anthems, the matches will start immediately.

This year there will also be a party night on Saturday evening, during which everyone is invited. Sunday starts the day with a breakfast for all participants, then the games start again. The tournament will be concluded with a prize-giving ceremony.

I wish all participants, organizers, sponsors and volunteers two sporting and hopefully sunny days this year!

Kind regards,

Ester Engberts
Youth President.